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Music and the Celtic Otherworld: From Ireland to Iona (Paperback)

Music and the Celtic Otherworld: From Ireland to Iona Cover Image
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Many cultures throughout history have made reference to the supernatural or spiritual dimension of music, and Scotland and Ireland are no exception. From the descriptions of the supernatural power of the 'fairy' harp in Elfland in the Scottish ballads to the sacred music of God's Heaven in the Saints' Lives, the Celtic sources provide a rich and varied selection of references to music and its perceived supernatural power and influence.With the increasing popularity of world music and Shamanism today, this important new book is an essential guide to the Celtic dimension of a universal phenomenon.Covering themes close to Irish and Scottish folklore Music and the Celtic Otherworld explores the universal concept of the spiritual dimension of music. It is also the first ever comprehensive collection of references from Celtic primary source material in translation, including Celtic tales, folklore, ballads, place-lore, saints' lives, poetry and proverbs.

About the Author

Karen Ralls-MacLeod is postdoctoral fellow in the Celtic department at the University of Edinburgh.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781902930091
ISBN-10: 1902930096
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Publication Date: December 15th, 1999
Pages: 224
Language: English