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The Boy Whose Head Was Filled with Stars: A Life of Edwin Hubble (Hardcover)

The Boy Whose Head Was Filled with Stars: A Life of Edwin Hubble Cover Image
By Deborah Marcero (Illustrator), Isabelle Marinov
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This beautifully illustrated biography of Edwin Hubble explores the curiosity that he possessed from a young age, and the many questions that he asked about our universe. This book invites children to ponder these questions as well: how many stars are in the sky? How did the universe begin? Where did it come from?

This is the story of Edwin Hubble, a boy fascinated by the stars who surmounted many hurdles to follow his dreams of becoming an astronomer. Using the insights of great mathematicians and endlessly observing the sky, he succeeded in confirming two things that altered human life forever: that there are more galaxies than our own, and that the universe is always expanding. Hubble's message to us is to find peace in the vastness of the mystery surrounding us, and to be curious. "We do now know why we are born into the world," he said, "but we can try to find out what sort of world it is."

A EUREKA Nonfiction Children's Book Honor Award Winner (California Reading Association), with Starred Reviews from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, and an Air & Space Magazine Best Children's Book of 2021.

About the Author

Isabelle Marinov speaks four languages fluently, but for a reason that defies her, English is her preferred language for prose. She likes to write across genres and has always been fascinated by physics and astronomy, but since her brain wasn't wired for those, she studied law instead. The Boy Whose Head Was Filled With Stars marks Isabelle's picture book debut. You can visit her at and follow her on Instagram @isabelle.marinov.Deborah Marcero is the author and illustrator of In A Jar (Putnam) and My Heart Is A Compass (LBYR). Deborah has always loved photographing starry night skies, but by painting the stars through the discoveries of Edwin Hubble, the universe became much more vast than it was before for her, too. You can find more of Deborah's books and drawings at or follow her on Twitter or Instagram @deborahmarcero.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781592703173
ISBN-10: 1592703178
Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books
Publication Date: January 19th, 2021
Pages: 52
Language: English